I Miss Harry Potter Soo Much...

i grew up with the series and loved.. scratch the LOVE all the movies with all my heart.
i miss being able to see one of the movies for the 1st time. i miss being able to stay up for days reading their new books.. i miss the harry potter series.
i dont know how to copee.!
and i know they wouldnt be that good buuuutt they should make more movies with their kids just for my fellow harry potter geeks andd myself
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I despise the movies.

The first was very good and accurate.

The second was good until he got into the Chamber.

The third was embarrassing and sickened me.

After the fourth, I just stopped watching. I've seen them all, but I actively work to forget them as soon as I finish subjecting myself to them.

You have to let the series die while it's still on top. While it's still going strong. You don't want to see it disintegrate into something terrible (like that AWFUL epilogue), do you? Would you rather have them voluntarily leave you, or "fall from the throne, witless and unmanned" (Lord of the Rings)?

well yes i've read the books and ofcoarse they were extremely better than the movies.
but thats how every movie that was based off a book comes out.
also the only reason i adore them would be the fact i enjoying losing myself in a world that i don't live in. a world were i can completely forgot about the cruel impure world i live on.

...well i guess its because its my cope from the real world, reading and movies.
its the one time i can really escape even if its for only few hours.
honestly i'd rather have them leave voluntarily

That's why I hate movies based on books. Too often, they ruin the book.

And no one's stopping you from losing yourself in the books time and time again! That's what I do. I like that there aren't more. The seventh one was a nail in the coffin, and after that, they would have just been abominable (assuming JK continued to bow to pressure). I'm grateful for what I have, and I enjoy them thoroughly - often!

I'd also like to note that my quote was FROM Lord of the Rings, not that Lord of the Rings was witless and unmanned.