I Started Reading the Books

I started reading the books when I was about 10. That was back before I had any friends, and I felt like I did have friends for the short period of time when I was reading. I read for hours and hours. After I was sent to bed, I always got in trouble for being up at four in the morning reading. I felt like the characters were real. I felt love, hate, agony, pain, and happiness whenever the characters did. It was like I was a character in the book, but wasn't written  in. The magic seemed so real to me, and that's why I love Harry Potter~

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6 Responses May 11, 2007

Amen to this

i remember I started reading harry potter lately.. Although I had seen the movies I couldnt understand much.Then last winter I thought buy the book will be a nice idea. The moment I started reading i got hooked in the book for 3 hours!!!Since then i have buy all books and I keep reading them.Hey I was wondering...which is your favourite and most fascinating book for you?

I think we all can agree theese books were life changing they taught they are diferent kind of heros those who have no other choice but to be a hero and others who make it they life´s mission to rectify a mistake anyone who puts himself in danger for the greater good for 15 years IS A HERO

you are like me. my home life was a wreck, but my escape was reading. now i rarely get to read but I sooooo want to read harry potter. I want to know EVERYTHING that was left out.

The captivating magic of Harry Potter is endless.

I know exactly how you feel.