The Unending Joys of Harry Potter

I started reading Harry Potter shortly after the 2nd book came out. I have read everyone one no less then 3 times. I just started my series re-read so that I'll be ready in 47 days when the 7th and final book is released.
Every year for the past 3 or 4 years, around my birthday a new Harry Potter book as been released at midnight. Every year I've been at a book store near me waiting in line with all the other fans excitedly waiting for the release of the next adventure.
I am sad that my time with Harry, Ron and Hermione is coming to an end but I am also so excited to see what happens next.
Who is she going to kill? Is Snape evil? Will the love Harry has for Ginny and his friends be what destroys He who shall not be named? Will Sirus finally return from behind the curtain?
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I have written a Harry Potter Short Story and would love to get your feedback on it.

I loved how Snape was the only character that had debates on which side he was on. One day before the 7th book came out I went through and listed most of the characters and put which side they were on. I admit that Snape gave me some problems but after rereading each book and writing down notes and debates I settled on Dumbledore. I wonder though why couldn't more characters be like that.

snape killed dumbldore duh hes evil and yes ginny and harrys relationship was ruined that was in the sixth book

Snape's a triple agent. He killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him to