I'm Boycotting Warner Bros Movies

 I read warner bros is delaying new Harry Potter movie over a law suit about a film from India called Hari Putter. Like we are that ignorant we don't know the difference? The whole thing is so they can make sure they get a big amount at that box office, like all their Ex-loyal fans are not going to know the difference and show up as usual. I think it's a slap in the face to all the loyal fans who have fattened their pockets. They are greedy and do not care that people have to wait even longer because they want more money. Not me I am done with warner bros and may not watch harry potter at all (maybe on video)



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chrmingo I will probably break down and go to the dollar movie but I am still somewhat boycotting them just not as completely as I wish, I'm so weak, lol <br />
onceandfutureglow that's very true, the book is the best as with most books to film :)

Meh, it probably won't be decent anyway. How can it be? It could never do justice to the book.

I can't believe they pushed the movie back either...I'm with the boycott...but I don't think I want to wait for it to come out on dvd so I'm just not going the first week they open, crush there greed with my spite haha!

ahh I see now, it's still about greed, lol I also am not completely convinced it had nothing to do with the reasons. I do understand that there really only concerned with what will make them the most money I guess that's more of the reason I'm boycotting them, so they get the least amount from me. I'm tired of how much is spent by them and us with everything else going on. It just seems so pointless. Especially when the books are better and you can read them over and over, lol

AAh yes. I see. The story mentions the lawsuit and the fact that they're changing the date...but the two are not related.<br />
<br />
http://www.blackfilm.com/20080814/features/harrypotternews.shtml<br />
<br />
This has the president/COO of Warner Brothers commenting on it the day the postponement was announced. He says it is partly because of the writer's strike, and partly because they wanted a summer release. But the move came really close to the date of Twilight moving.

Hmmmm I got it from <br />
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7580941.stm<br />
I still think it's greedy of WB to push it back

The movie is delayed because of the Twilight movies. I had never heard of Hari Putter until you posted this.<br />
<br />
Warner Brothers said they postponed it to ensure the biggest audience.<br />
<br />
The movie was supposed to come out on 11/21, and Twilight on 12/21. When Twilight was moved up to 11/21, WB did not want to compete, and pushed the release until next summer.

The books are better

What??? Oh no!!! I agree with SB though. The books are way better but I'm still gonna have to go see the movie. The movies are too good to miss on the big screen. Too bad about all the drama. LOL Hari Putter... maybe I will go see that too. :D

I think the books are soooo much better than the movies, but I was definitely sad that it got moved. I guess cause the trailer had just got me all pumped up for it. Oh well. It's still not enough to deter me from going to see the movie.

yeah then boycotting is good

LMAO I am not obsessed, I am angry that a movie company would delay something over something so dumb. They can sue the company without effecting the release date. People are not going to be effected by the name Hari Putter,lol They are getting so greedy that it's not worth waiting for the movie to come out.

Ok....first of all...why are you so obsessed with the Harry Potter movies....after all its just a MOVIE....??<br />
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If you've done the hard ship of reading that sequel then ou should;nt be offended at what Warner Bros does about its release.....<br />
<br />
being a FAN is ok...but being obsessive is something wrong