Can't Wait to See the New Movie!

I can't wait to watch the new Harry Potter movie! My ex boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I'm going with him to go see it in the IMAX theatre. My boyfriend is coming too... I'm so wowwed! I also can't wait for the new book. I feel like I can connect to the words that are written on the pages. My emotions just cling to every word. When Sirius died... I didn't eat for a week. When Dumbledore died, I didn't sleep for two days. I couldn't stop crying. My mommy thought I was depressed , but I just grew attached to the characters to this far out extent that I couldn't let them go. I read the books in maybe two days, because once I start I don't stop. I'm obsessed I know it.
littlesis littlesis
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1 Response Jul 12, 2007

Aww...yeah I also get really sad and cry when I read the death of a character, even if Im rereading the book! Jo just makes it so incredibly sad. I saw the new movie last nite, and it is awesome! You will not be disappointed! ENJOY!