Not a Big Fan of This Last Movie

HP and the OotP was a big letdown--the movie, not the book. I enjoyed the book but pretty much loathed the movie. It had no emotional depth, very little structure, no sense of pacing, and the lead actors (well, at least Hermione and Harry--especially Harry) can't act worth beans. Thank god for a great supporting cast, it was the only thing that made it at all watchable. Luna Lovegood was good, as was the High Inquisitor gal. Those were two high points in the film. Coming away from the film, though, it just felt fragmented and unsatisfying. In my opinion it was the worst of all the HP movies. Going into the film my expectations were that maybe it wouldn't be as great as the Cuaron HP (which I loved), but at least it would still be HP and therefore hard to screw up. Well, somehow they managed to do just that.

Things to look for: in every scene Harry and Hermione are all amped up, emotionally distraught, but in a way that comes off as fake and out-of-place. Also, Hermione has GOT to get her eyebrows under control. They're all over the place, adding lots of emphasis were very little or none is required, drawing attention to her "acting."

The first few shots in the film are great; but starting with Dudley and HP's run-in with the dementors, I knew we--the audience--were in trouble. The encounter wasn't frightening, chilling, or in the least bit worrisome. Much of the movie is like that: underwhelming.
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I've got to agree that it was a huge let down, especially the fight at the ministry, however it wasn't all bad. I mean, Umbridge was classic, she pissed me off so bad, and I absolutely fell in love with Grawp, but I was upset about the lack of detail in so many places. I mean, there was no mention of quidditch, and at points it seemed as though the film followed an entirely different storyline to the book. Although, admittedly, ootp is my least favourite book in the series, so I wasn't expecting much from this. And it does follow the style of the rest of the films quite well. :(