The Books Are Better Than the Movies... But...

...I think too many people concentrate on what was left out of the movies.  At least, overall, the things they have left out have been consistant.  I try to go to the movies without thinking of them as an extension of the books, but as a separate entity.  You cannot make a cinema length movie of a book without cutting out a great deal, and these books are relatively long to make movies from anyway. 

I personally enjoyed the 5th movie, but the 5th book was my least favorite.  I felt that in the book, the summer went on way too long and there was too much of Harry whining and bemoaning his oh-so-sad existance.  Thankfully, the movie cut out the vast majority of that.  And while there were some changes in the movie that surprised me, I felt that it was still presented very cohesively and consistent with the previous movies.

Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
Jul 13, 2007