An Older Fan of Harry Potter

I may be in trouble for admitting this, but I've never read a Harry Potter book. Being 28 years old, the book series didn't catch my overall reading interest. I'm not even quite sure why I decided to watch the movie when it came out. I do know it was on DVD before I managed to sit through it. However I did enjoy it quite much and all of his movies have been entertainting. The second one wasn't exactly as great as I anticipated, yet the following 2 movies were quite good. The Goblet of Fire is my favorite. Having also just watched the Order of the Phoenix, I was a bit let down from it. I'll watch it a few more times when it's out on DVD before ruling out altogether that it stinks. But there's so much going on in the movie, they completely left other parts untouched and untalked about. There wasn't much character development, which was definitely upsetting considering their ages now. I can't say what the book was about, but I feel the movie was a bit empty. Don't get me wrong, there were some nice surprises and fabulous fireworks. I'm already expecting the next installment to blow all our sox off, because if it doesn't, I'll be quite worried that the move series took an awful turn for the worst.
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Age has nothing to do with whether you enjoy the books or not. I'm 60+ and thourally enjoy them.

i have seen all the harry potter movies except the latest one. i have read the book for the 5th, though, and it was really good. i expect it is better than the movie, though, like all movies based off of books. Some scenes in the movie seem a little "yeah, right" (and im not talking about magic parts. only the scenes that are supposed to be realistic. so thats sad) its just... harry can seem a bit girly sometimes....idk if u agree or whatever.<br />
(i also think that the 2 on was probably the least appealing)