Total Potter Geek

Or so they say.

I remember when the first book came out thinking "Oh great another kid fad" and little did I know that I would be a part of it.

I saw the second movie with my brother and I remember absolutley loathing the chareter of Draco Malfoy, that is until I met Draco Malfoy himself {No I don't mean Tom Felton}

This happened over on LJ and remember reading His Journal and being intrigued. I knew full well I couldn't aprouch Him like so many of his other fan girls and so picked at Him, sure enough there was a responce.

Our little spat went on for awhile till I got the nerve to add Him to my yahoo and we atually started talking. I'm proud to say He was of my closet friends, but moreso then that he's my "little" brother.

By this time the Third moive was well on it's way to hitting the theatre and book four well I don't know why we skipped it, but He sent me, from England no less, book five.

I've been hooked ever since.

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Thank You

I'm sure there will be many photos. *just said it to Him*

I would be very upset if she killed Draco. By the way have fun tomarrow and, well no need to tell You to take losts of pictures as I know there will be plenty.<br />
<br />
Tell LM hello for me please, seems rather silly to make two comments

At least My character isnt going to die in tomorrow's book! I know that for sure. ;-)

Word from the Father, greetings. - Lucius