As most of you () probably know the book is released on saturday... With the day approaching I've noticed that apparently I have to steer clear from any of my regular websites at least for the most part!

There are truly some annoying people out there that really want to spoil the pleasure of reading the book and finding out for ourselves what's gonna happen to whom!!! Just before logging in here I came across a picture which supposedly tells ehat will happen woth page numbers and everything! And this was on a front page of another social network I belong to!!!

I decided that I will get up and go to the store 7am on saturday (that's when it'll open for this special occasion...) buy the book, have my mp3 on loud, avoid people, come back home and read the whole damn thing in one go!

I seriously don't want anyone spoiling this for me as I wouldn't do it to anyone else either! Some people seriously take pleasure in hurting other peoples feelings! >.< Idiots!
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There will be more than the one death.

It's like people who give away moving endings. I love guessing and seeing if I am right, but I don't want to know before the right time!

good luck to you too :) i'm sure it'll be quite easy though :D<br />
<br />
as for another death... I'm pretty sure everyone knows people will die, but do you really think it's nice when all this is spoiled??? by telling who dies and who doesn't? sure it's only a book, but you don't want to know what happens in anything you read before you read it... or do you?


Awe, crap! Another death?! Did ya have to let us know that?!

Oh god. I saw the smae thing it had who dies on what page on my yahoo website. I was so sad reading it. I shouldn't have looked, but I forgot it anyways. I want to do the same as you. All in one go! good luck!