Hooked On the Potterverse, This Malfoy Speaks

How on earth did I ever get here? I am a literature snob, and at first thought the books were strictly for children, however, I got into the books on recommendations from friends, and too many people already calling Me Malfoy around the time CoS was out on film, piquing My curiosity as to what this was all about. Yeah, there was the likeness in looks, hair, style, and even more in manner and presence, but I didn’t really think to dress up in the film costumes until Draco came into My life, then it was just obvious, such a natural fit with Our looks, connection, and personalities, we had to do it, and do it to perfection.

The books read quickly, were absorbed and re-read countless times, and the films watched endlessly. This was My childhood, only music rather than magic, the world was very similar to the one I'd already fashioned around Me, and took further shape in My mind and became real. The two conventions We’ve attended have been incredible, for a week this world comes to life, and We live it, surrounded by highly literate people from all walks and worlds.   Tomorrow is a huge book release party in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA, and so it continues.  Toujours Pur.

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