Childrens Story? I Don't Think So!

I am an avid reader and have followed several series, one of my favorites being the Amelia Peabody adventures by Elizabeth Peterson, but never have I waited for the next book with such anticipation, and never before have I ordered a book the very day I heard the release date...which was back in february I ordered Potter #7 just to make darned sure I had a copy reserved. And made sure it is being delivered on time. I am no child and found the entire series pun intended. I was introduced to the series by my youngest daughter who was then in high school, she went on and on and made all her friends read it, then insisted and nattered at me until I read book one. That did it I was hooked. Everyone in my family is now a Potter fan, including my sons who are in their late twenties, intelligent and educated, this is truly the one series that enthralls the reader from first grade to well, let's just say..much older.                  willow
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Ptiy them silenteve, for they know now what they are missing. the dear ones here are already telling me to hurry my reading, they are waiting to borrow Potter 7 which is in my sweaty anticipatory hands this very moment.<br />

Lol! That's great!<br />
I tried the same with my family...but they didn't buy it!<br />
My brohter has seen the films because he used to be the responsible one to take me to the cinema when I was younger but my foxs can't see why I love the series.<br />
It must be great to have this big common interest in your family!<br />
Love to you and your family!!!