Deathly Hallows... ...unanswered Questions

Spoiler warning(ish)

Well, the book was great. Bought it in the morning, read it in one go, with the exception of having a smoke, food and occasional visit to the computer. The book was not as actionpacked as I had anticipated! I thought they would've battled pretty much the whole time :)

Anyway, I'm happy that most of them got out of it ok, but Rowling still left a few blanks to 'what happenend next'? These are the things I would liked to have an answer to, but now just have to speculate:

-what happened to their education? did they go and finish Hogwarts? were they given a diploma for their last year they didn't complete as a thank you for finishing Voldemort? Did they get some further education?
-what do they do for living? Aurors? or did they just get regular muggle-jobs?
-what happened to the dark art followers? new evil brewing up somewhere? slytherin still full of bastards? what became of Malfoy?
-who's the headmaster/mistress of Hogwarts???
-what happened to the Dursleys?

I think those were the most pressing matters I thought of :) Maybe we'll get the real answer in the sequel "Harry Potter-the adult years" I think the possibility of the series continuing anyway is open...
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she should write more stories harry and friends and the order and still their well except the ones that died but there is always new evil brewing in the world she should write more she made a great world she can run with it in many directions i hope she does and with dumbledore life she should write books on his rise to fame too

It also says he's going bald & im guessing with a kid called Scorpius, he's not making jam for the village fete! I also have a lot of questions, much the same as yours; what job did he do? did he become an auror? Ooops! just seen innocent's answer - thanks, now i know! Heard Dumbledore was gay and that didn't really surprise me, tbh.<br />
Please let her do an 'adult years' volume - that would be so good! Good idea, terrorita!

Harry and Ron became aurors. Harry is the head of the auror dept. and he and Ron totally revolutionized the the MInistry of Magic. Hermione is the head of the magical law enforcement, of course. Said JKRowling in an interview. a little more about Harry and the Weasleys, but no more about Draco

nah, it deosn't say anything about him!!! except that harry gives him a nod and that he has a kid!

To add to what snokat said, you can find the information about Malfoy in the Epilogue.

yes, but is he still a bastard or not ;) ?

Malfoy got married and had a kid. Named it something ridiculous, I think it was Scorpius.