If You Don't Want Someone to Ruin the New Hp Book For You Then Don't Read

warning I am going to disclose certanin parts of the last book cin this writing so if you don't want to know what happened don't read this. I haven't been online since the book came out because I didn't want anyone to spoil it for me. I was so excited. I can't believe Snape turned out good. I had a sence of love toward him at the end of it. It's kind of sad. The book was one book of pure magic. Dumbledore telling Snape to kill him, Harry not really killing Voldemort, but having Voldemort kill himself. Action packed and thrilling wasn't it. WoW i WaS aMaZeD! I thought Harry was going to die. I watched him march to his death. I cried so hard when he walked past Ginny and didn't say goodbye. It was so emotional. I wish I could be that brave. He did wonders. He was the boy who lived. I liked how Dumbledore talked to him in the end, like always, making sence of everything. wow... It was just the perfect ending to the series. Who thinks that the series should continue?

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I just can't believe that anyone could have doubted Snape was a goodie. He kept teaching healing spells. Even after killing Dumbledore he was trying to coach Harry to improve his fighting, whilst getting away. I always liked Snape.

Ugh, I know the feeling of getting it spoiled--someone did that to me when the sixth book came out. Compared to that shocker, I didn't think this measured up. Although she threw me at the end, there, when Harry was looking like a pig bred for slaughter. What's he gonna do now? Survived the Killing Curse TWICE, AND killed Voldy? He must be so famous he can't stand it.

Sombody had sort of spoiled the deaths for me, so I didn't think Harry'd die... I seriously despise that person, ruining my excitement...>.

I was expecting Harry to die also, before I began the book. I had heard some theories about the Snape/Lily love story. I couldn't believe it was true. I really thought Sirius and Dumbledore were coming back.