Bye, Bye, It's Been Grand

I have all the books lined up in my room and I have read them all. I was the kind of fan who went to the book openings, spent whole nights doing all night read-a-thon. I have seen all the movies, including "The Order of the Phoenix.

I had such fun indulging my obsession with the stories and the characters. I shall miss them all now and in a way I can't really explain. It's really is good-bye and how sad that is for me, a follower and a fan.

I just finished the last book and I cried at the end because the last book was the best book of all and I cried because there won't be anymore Harry Potter books to read. It was the only book in the series I didn't rush to finish. I wanted to savor every word and every moment because they would be my last ones....

Or maybe not....maybe what I'll do is I will get lost in the world of Harry Potter one more time. I will read the books again...O What fun!
kokoca kokoca
56-60, F
Aug 2, 2007