My First Time

Ah ... I remember my first time like it was yesterday ...

 A younger pal of mine had been talking like crazy of this new book about some harry pot-head kid. ;) Then suddenly kids AND adults were yapping about harry pot-head. I cracked the pot with as many jokes as I could because it was getting intolerable hearing of this new book. I broke down and went to my trusty local library only to discover a waiting list for Happy Potter over 500 children long! I was NOT going to put my name on that list. I waited awhile but then finally bought a copy. I had only recently begun to read fiction again after years of research tomes. Most adult offerings bored me; I slept better at that time though! I'd picked up a few young adult books and found that the authors very often stick to the meat and keep good pace in the story line without gunking it up with all that SNOGGING. :) I think that after I opened The Sor. Stn. I didn't put it down even to sleep or eat for days. I was so hooked! And it's only gotten better over the years.

 I have the new book. It's sitting there looking at me -- taunting. But no -- I always re-read the previous book before the next. And I must say I'm not very excited to read it. WHAT!? Yep, cause if I do read it then the story will be over ... I don't want it to end. But I know that JK created a world that won't soon vanish. We'll live it on the Net and are already making our own story lines.

DarkMist DarkMist
31-35, F
Aug 4, 2007