Remembering Harry

So yeah, I'm a fan. I've been digging on the Potter (or as some proclaim, I have been a "Potterhead") since 1999. I read the first book in the breakroom of a printing building, and I nearly spit my sandwiches every day as I roared laughing at the every flavored beans and all of the other subtly enchanting humor and detail that the wizarding world had to offer.

Then I started listening to the audio books. They were incredible; Jim Dale's seemingly endless supply of voices added a richness to the already amazing books. I cannot count the number of times I have checked out those books on CD and listened to them. Through the years they are among few series' that have remained fresh and exciting for me.

I have to say that I gained an all-new respect for J.K. Rowling after finished the final book. I cried, got mad, threw the book, forgave her, picked the book up, and continued on through the parts that were hardest to read...but oh how the story tied itself into a beautiful, nearly seamless tapestry that completed her story so well! The final installment of the Harry Potter series not only perfectly completed her grand work, in my eyes her attention to detail and care for every character in her created literary universe made her series into a masterpiece.


maelstorme maelstorme
31-35, M
Aug 8, 2007