I Wish There Were More Books.

I never used to read the Harry Potter books. And then one day I started and I got hooked. Rowling is an amazing writer with one great imagination!

Now that the books are finished I really am going to miss HP. I wish that she would write more and fill up some of the unanswered questions like what they did for a living...about if they finished school at hogwarts...if harry ever saw the Dursleys again...and just little tidbits like that. I wish the series could just go on and on because it was really amazing.

The 7th book rocked my world. Its was PURE GENIUS and just AWESOME! I wish there was mooreee haaarryy!!! I'm going to miss not looking foward to more of those wonderful books releases.

Agama Agama
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2007

Some of the answers you can find in interviews. I would suggest YouTube or just browsing the Net.