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Harry Potter was the second book i had ever read and i will say this if i had never read Harry Potter i would never be a big reader that i am now, I wil always love the books and the movies i am just so disappointed in the movies because of how much stuff they lefted out and i wil still be so upset when they fininsh the  movies because the books are done so when the movies are done that will be the offical end to harry potter well at least until they Make a remake because thats all people are doing but that won't be for years and years, but i will never stop reading harry potter no matter how many times i have read the books already.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

That is so true but the problem i now that i have read it so many times that i can't read the entire thing i just want to jump to my all time favorite part.

Im glad that a simple series can have such effect on ones reading habits. I was never a big reader either before i read them. The series is so interesting how you can reread them a million times and you still find secret clues and intriging information that makes the story even better! It's such an enjoyable series.