Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince

I don't know about you, but this movie was sure a downfall, for me, after all the rest of them! I think that the movies are getting worse and worse, the first one was great! The second one was great! The third one I could stand. Forth, was okay. Fifth, ugh, I hate that one! Sixth was a little better then fifth, but they sqrewed a lot up! They burnt down the burrow, oh boy is that going to mess things up for the 7th movies!

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I agree, i went to see the third one and was highly disapointed, they missed out very vital parts, which will be very difficult to explain in the last one, i left the movie quite disapointed. I want to see how they recover from missing vital points out.<br />
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the books are much better.

I kinda agree with you on many levels. I actually came to be a Harry Potter fan in my younger years due to a budding love of (obsession with ) Alan Rickman. This new movie with him in it had come out, and so I saw it. I fell in love with the first movie and immediately ran out to buy all the books that had been released! As each book came out, I found myself eagerly and impatiently awaiting the next. The HP series became a part of my teenage years and it's all because of that one movie!<br />
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I agree that they tend to take a few more... ah... creative liberties with the movies than I think appropriate... I.E., randomly burning the Burrow in a completely and enirely pointless scene that did not even begin to flow with the rest of the movie... (There's enough dramatics in the books to fill the movie, thanks.) And the fact that they will *take out* necessary information and fabricate scenes (The talking Jamacian head was funny, but maybe they could have used that screentime to focus a little more on the rapidly declining storyline?) is also irritating. <br />
But the movies are magical and they have Alan Rickman draped in black, which... for me makes it worth my time and money. >_><br />
In my opinion, the movies are intended to be watched in addition to reading the books. They leave out too much information for it not to be.