The Most Brilliant Author I've Ever Read

I can't even begin to explain how much I love Murakami's books. I first found him through a literary quotes community on Livejournal. The first book I read was Norweigan Wood, then I read Kafka on the Shore, and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I'm just about to start South of the Border, West of the Sun.

There's something so incredibly magical that happens whenever I read one of his books. It's like waking up from a magnicifent dream world that wraps you up and takes you captive. His words are absolutely gorgeous. I really wish I knew Japanese so that I could read some of his books not translated. I can't wait to read more! I want to read Hard-Boiled Wonderland and Dance Dance Dance next :)

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3 Responses Jan 19, 2008

I just love his stuff too!! :D To Chikaiyuki, just buy them off of amazon! :) He really is the very very best :D

I can't find his books anywhere! Ive read Kafka on the shore, After Dark and his autobiograghy, but there are no other books in bookshops where I live. Murakami is an increadable auther, and what Ive read of his books is very compeling and well written.

I know !! I'm also obsessed with him. I first read Sputnik Sweetheart which made me smitten with his style, and after that I read South of the Border, Hardboiled wonderland, After Dark, and now I'm reading Kafka on the Shore. Every novel I read of him seems even more amazing than the last. I agree about the feeling you live in a dream when reading his work. His writing is like a floating illusion that you want to capture forever.