Go Army Beat Navy

Well the big game is tomorrow. And a long standing of great history and tradition. Two team's that give it their all. They play the whole season just for this game. A game where a big trophies doesn't matter. A game that's not a fancy bowl or big money
is involved. Two coaches who probably have the lowest pay as a coach. Two teams that were not happy about the new football overtime rules. And tried to get permission not to apply to the one game. BECAUSE of the belief the two schools have. Up until the time of the new rules. All their ties were a true tie. I watched a game once when Army was on the 18 yard line. It was 4th down and 21 seconds left in the game. And Army's run game had fell short all day. The coach sent the play in. The ball was snapped. And the fullback was dropped 9 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Thus giving Navy the win. After the game the Army coach was asked why he didn't kick a field go to tie it at 13 all. His response was that sir is a cardinal sin. Neither team has never kicked a field goal in the last minutes to tie a game. Both believed. If you can't win it outright in four quarters of play. You man up and take the loss. Now those are two teams where Win means just that and teaching in the real world that not everybody wins and everybody DOES NOT GET A TROPHY! BUT even though it's such a great game it's still sad. Because it's always the last college football game of the regular season. Damn its long way to September. And the old bowls don't mean much anymore. THE BCS HAS RUINED THEM.

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Dec 7, 2012