How Did I Find Her?

Well, it actually starts back when I was 8. Okay.. long story short:
-I went to summer camp
-Girl named Jamie drew AWESOME manga
-I wanted to draw like that
-Read Kingdom Hearts
-NOT INTERESTED! (This was before I was otaku)
-Back to camp
-STILL want to draw like that
-I buy a manga book
-I start drawing manga
-I am introduced to FMA via Joey Graceffa (But WSP is another story)
- It's OKAY
-My fried shows me a Michelle Phan Hatsune makeup tutorial
(I watch Bleach, Death Note, etc...)
-A vague memory hits me...

6 years later, I wish my mom didn't get rid of the Kingdom Hearts series....
Lucerna Lucerna
13-15, F
1 Response May 21, 2012