Fond of Enough Fun!


Only thing in life which can be relished is lot of fun. I love to chat with mature witty lady. Is there any? Join me. I will surely provide many witty live stories and I am confident that you will enjoy the most.

Come on! Repsond soon!

Waiting for early reply.



proloy proloy
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

ha ha ha!!! it's cool understanding - my mature, witty and fun loving lady:) So let's start our fun soon:) Waiting for a big and surprising fun from you:)!!!

Awww, thanks Proloy. I'm sure our friendship will be fun.

Thank u, my dear Darlene. Only witty and understanding lady makes a comment. I was looking for the most mature and witty friend and i got it. that's u, my dear friend. More casual friends are not necessary. Only one mature, witty, fun loving is enough tp have wonderful friendship. I am very happy today as i got one - that is my cute friend, Darlene. Thank u very much. Happy weekend!!! Expecting an exciting friendship.!!! write more, my dear. Good Bye!!!

I'm the only one to comment? Where are all the other fun, mature, and witty ladies?