A Must Have

The fan doesn't need to be blowing on me.  I just need the 'white noise' to fall asleep to. 
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I gave my sister one of these. (She rarely uses it.) It had 5 different settings. It plays melodies with and without nature sounds, and the back ground has binaural beats which mimic your own brain's alpha (relaxation), theta (dream state, REM sleep) and Delta (dreamless sleep) waves to encourage falling and staying asleep. <br />
My ears ring in a constant 2 tone high pitched ringing (tinnitus). When the room is quiet, the ringing is more noticeable. The sound of the fan drowns out the sound in my ears.

Have you ever checked the sleep machines at the snooty gadgets places like Fingerhut? My roommate had one that did windchimes, surf, rain, and what we called "bleep-blorp"; I don't remember what the sound program was actually called; hypnosis or sum such. Anyway, they're kinda cool, and aren't that spendy (about $30) and have timers, fades, and other neat functions too.