White Noise

I used to drive my ex husband crazy. There was no way I would go to bed without a fan blowing on me. Even in the middle of winter I would just pile the blankets on and turn on the fan. And of course I was a blanket hog. I woke up one morning with my husband shivering in the fetal position, uncovered, and then there was me all wrapped up in a nice cozy cocoon of blankets, with the fan blowing on me. The poor guy must be glad we're divorced now. It was more for the white noise than anything.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2012

I like your post. I'm the same way I have a nice floor fan in my room that run 24/7 When I go to bed I climb into my bed with a nice black comforter and under the sheets I have placed a electric blanket set on one. I keep it nice and chill in my room when I go to bed just so that I know I will sleep nice. Any time my fan cuts off I wake up so as long as its on I can sleep!