I Sleep With My Fan, And My Fan Sleeps With Me.

My fan comforts me. I have to sleep with it, when I'm alone. The weird thing is, that if I'm not alone I don't need it. Confession of the day: The cutest thing ever happened last night. This guy I'm into stayed the night, nothing naughty, we just cuddled. Anyway, we're just laying in my bed and he goes "how do you sleep without a fan?" which made me burst out laughing, and I was like I ALWAYS sleep with a fan, that's crazy. Turns out he does too. Match made in Heaven? I think yes. Fans are great.
MargiiiMint MargiiiMint
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 13, 2012

I do the same, and the weather just got colder so my parents are like wtf but I'm so used to it.

Haha, right? I don't care how cold it is, my fan will be turned on!