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After My Shower

I like to let the breeze of the fan dry me off.  I save my towels for company.

LilAnnie LilAnnie 56-60, F 12 Responses Jul 28, 2008

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Me too plus having the window open, sure feels good

oh by the way - is that 2 am or 2pm ? <br />
<br />
speaking of spouses, mine just called, talk about premature eja......... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - i better go !!!!

No problem. I'll supply the loofah, shower massage, imported soaps, bath oils, aromatherapy, candles, music, big fluffy warm towels, and good excuse to our spouses!

i'll wash your back if you wash mine, be warned i have a big back.

Meet me at the corner at a quarter to two.

where and when baby ? where and when ?

Oh my! So you'll be all reved up and ready to go, will you? Hmmm....that idea is the stuff of future dreams, believe me! (I am a very bad person. But as long as I've gone this far.....) Don't bother to shower at the gym, mine holds two!

i'm going for a cardio workout right now !!!!!!<br />
<br />
don't shower till i get back !!!!

; - )

*gulp*<br />
<br />
-note to self:increase cardio workouts !

You're right.

that's a very sensual thing to share