Noise, Breeze, What More Could You Want

I like having a constant noise when I sleep. Some comforting, familiar white noise to help remind me that, yes I am home, this is my own bed and things are all okay. Fans do this really well. And the air movement helps me drift off. I wonder if this is a throw back to the whole primitive sleeping outdoors thing.


chairmanmeow chairmanmeow
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Me too. Maybe it's an echo of the mother's heartbeat in the womb. Whatever, I love my ceiling fan - winter or summer.

I have done this since I was young. I can't be without my fan, the sound helps me to fall asleep better.

I enjoy sleeping with a fan blowing also. I love the movement of the air, and especially if i get a hot flash, lol.

Totally agree. For me it started one hot summer in California, and has been ever since. What helped is I tend to wake up at every pop and crack I hear at night as the house settles and changes temperatures. With the fan on, it drowns out those noises, and with a steady drown of the fan, I sleep like a baby all night long. My best fan was actually a blower fan for a Stove. <br />
It was a box with one of those squirrel cage blower blades. It makes a totally different sound and is more constant in pitch than the regular bladed fan's we use<br />
today. Pity I forgot to take it on moving day. Went out with the donations box by mistake :(