Can't Do Without My Fan At Night.

I run my fan at night all year long.  i generate lots of body heat at night and feel stifled without the movement of air across my face and upper torso.  I broke one of the blades on my cieling fan & need a new one but meanwhile I use a portable fan. I've never had a partner who complained about it running all night. If they did I think they'd probably find in a very short time just how much heat I put out and they'd be the one turning it back on.

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5 Responses May 23, 2009

OMG..i have the AC cranked and def cant sleep w/o a fan on me ...not the body heat thing for me honestly (and no i'm not frigid) its the noise. Idk y I find it soothing ...

Thanks Swirl,<br />
GwennaJanes comment was giving me a complex!

I LOVE having a fan on at night! I like to feel air moving, hate that stagnant air! And if the guy radiates heat, well, it is definitely a necessity!

Man ... thought I was falling in love with you until I read this. Hate the fan on. Stuffs up my head. I agree with wiggiewang ... crank up the A/C .....<br />
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lol gj

personally.... i cant stand a fan on while i sleep... i just crank up the air conditioning and snuggle :)