Especially In the Warmer Months.

  I am so hot blooded that I must have a ceiling fan running.  LOL by morning I am usually covered up........

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Very cool.

LMAO mother yes it is cool.

Lately I just been on top of the blankets to humid..

Me too--love the feeling of the cool air blowing across me--and 9 xs out of 10--I'm covered up by the blankets--it's so cozy!!

Oh yes so relaxing.........

I love the cool and the sound . Makes good snuggle

I know . It is great the lull........

The hummmmm of the fan puts me to sleep and when the birds are twittering at 5am in the morning it blocks out the noise :)

I do agree it is all you do.

night work has it's advantages but it can be a drag too. seems like all i do is work and sleep.

Boy I feel for you. I used to work at Roadway on the dock. On call always was called in at midnight..........

i stay on the warm side too, plus i have to have the white noise being a night worker and sleeping in the daytime.

Make sleep comfortable.......

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True it does the same for me........

I do too!! I have to at least have the ceiling fan on and usually another small fan blowing as well :-) I not only love the feeling of the fan but I like the noise too, it lulls me to sleep :-)