I Can't Sleep Without a Fan. and the Sheep Can't Help! : P

It's really hard for me to fall asleep with out the sound of a fan and the cold breeze hitting my body. I can't sleep when it is to quiet because I start to think alot and by that time I am wide awake. People say that counting sheep or listening to music helps. But when I count sheep I always forget what number I am on and I get pissed because I have to start over. LOL And with listening to music, I will hear a song that I like and l will start to sing along with it. Sooo the sound of a fan sounds like wind blowing and it helps me relax, and I can cuddle under the blankets because its not to hot.  

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The sound of a running fan cd is 74 minutes long but if you have a repeat button on your cd or dvd pla<x>yer you can make your sounds endless. The name of the company is, Pure White Noise, they offer a sample sound of the cd so you can decide whether you want it or not. Would you believe they also have a cd with the sound of an air conditioner? I hope you find what you are searching for.

How long is the fan CD?

Yes the sound of a fan is soothing to me also. I run them all year around sometimes I combine the sound of the fan's rushing air with a CD sound of sea waves rolling on a shore. The two together makes me so relaxed I feel like I'm floating on a cloud in heaven!

The sound of a fan is the most relaxing sound for me when I want to sleep. I can not sleep without its sound.

There is a web page titled, PARTNERS IN RHYME it's features CD's to help aid relaxation. I bet you can't guess what the featured CD is. IT IS A CD THAT PLAYS THE SOUND OF AN ELECTRIC FAN! How about that! I run fans year around they help me relax and at night they help me fall asleep, so you are not strange its millions like you!