Sexing During Periods

Wonder if you enjoy f*cking when she is in period.

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sunny belle i'd happily do full sex with u while its your period and oral too , change your pads and tampons etc x its sexy if a lady allows you to share this intimate time

I have always enjoyed sex during a woman's period. The hot feeling you get when my **** first penetrates is incredible. When she is on top and her blood is running all over my **** and ball so hot and sticky. Love it. Remember guys if you want to do it in the mud you should be ok to do it in the blood.

period sex is the best and i like to change the ladys pad / tampon too . i'll happily do it as often as you are willing to allow and more. let me show you please

Have never thought it made a difference, it has always been the ladies choice, if we do or don't and it has always been good. Sure it is a little messy but the best part is cleaning each other in the shower after. There just is not a time when I don't love to love women.

Thank you mdevil, you done a great job in describing your desire when we are down and under during that time of month (TOM)

One off my favorite times to **** something dirty and nasty about it makes it so hot for me!! If i know when she is having her period i will reach over her and start rubbing her panty covered ***** and feel that pad stuffed inside and i get so hard!! Thinking about that hot wet sticky mess waiting on the other side of that pad gets my blood pumping and the more i rub the hornier she will get and before you know it i'm pulling those panties down and smelling that hot *****!! Love the wet feeling on my hard **** also and after you shoot your load of *** deep inside and pull out the sight of that blood and *** mix is so hot looking makes me horny all over again!!

My wife often likes me to go down on her during her periods. I don't mind, I actually think it tastes quite good.

Sorry.. not when she is on a period.. its a little unhygienic..

copulation is unhygienic dude, period.

it's not my thing but i never denied sex to a man who wanted to **** me during thise days,

I love sex with a woman during her feels great and oral is good too then :)

@bm131075, your passion for your gf come through so lovingly. We don't wish you guys to go down on us during the period but we desperately do need your attention.

That's good to hear , whitelace. Not too many men out there who give a woman attention something we need so much specially during that time. Ignoring us during periods takes us into deeper depression.

Still looking for that one story and saw this one. I sure enjoy having sex with her while she is on her period as well as having oral sex. I don't look at her any different or don't let it stop me just because she is on her period. It is just a natural thing is all.

Sex during period helps us to cope with this dreaded time of the month.. No one woman likes this time of the month but we have to deal with it. Thanks for your support, scott.

I have never had the experience - my wife is turned off by the thought - so for that instance - no...her being turned off is a turn-off for me so I would not even possibly be able to enjoy it.<br />
<br />
I suspect I would happily do it if it turned my wife on... :-) ... I'll try most things at least once and a happy ending is a happy ending!

Shower sex during period, sounds good. Both feel clean that way and bed sheet don't get soiled. Love it.

Ward, now that's a little tacky going down on a girl having period. I wouldn't ..

tacky, sticky - its all bloody and gooey. If it relieves her of the discomfort of cramps and gets his redwings - all the better. Name for said encounter: Getting on your back and working under a crank case.

Yes it is very true.. Kinky

in my experince ,, my GF , she held me for two days , btu couldnt stop me on third day , as her periods flow went down .<br />
<br />
it was ok . and yes bonnie is right , yes it reduces the cramps. and especially when you get ****** . it reduces pain , cuz ****** contracts uterus and relives pain . <br />
besides psychological factor improves pain and relaxes.

Hi Boniie Belle......... <br />
you raised a very intertesting issue .. having sex during Periods.<br />
well , it right that it could be messy . But if you wear a Rubber than its ok for both of us . <br />
<br />
Besides. the INtercourse during periods , the pumping action creates a a Condition Like water pump. You may put soo much pressure that the breaking wals of uterus may be puched up into the fallopion Tubes, which may block it and can lead to infertility or seeding into the abdomen whihc can cause agani certain gynecological conditions . But these are rare chances . <br />
<br />
i am a doctor . so i would prefer that avoid it when the flow is hgh . but you can do it once its scanty .<br />
<br />
But again , Choice is yours . and INfection is yours . lolzz...

your prescriptions must be hell to read. I tell you, your writing ability makes me wonder if you ever graduated fourth grade.

I feel sorry for my mate, he gets all bloody. It's funny to see blood clots on his head. But like you said that's what towels are for. I said it before and will say it again, it helps my cramps. I feel good during and after the a good session.

An old GF and i discovered that it did wonders for her cramps. The problem was getting near her when she was premenstrual! Once things got going, it was always good, but sometimes I wondered what she thought of Lorena Bobbit.

Bonnie , man always should let his woman bloom like a morning flower , smart man can use different ways in different situation , up to his woman mood of course, at the end woman is the flower in man's life

Many times. I have even performed oral on her during that time, much to her delight.

Thanks for your comments Bonnie & WIB. As others have said Ep can be a great source of information. I've certainly learnt a lot on here

****** can help with cramps. I personally don't care for sex during the uncomfortable heavier days but I wouldn't say it was taboo.

During the initial days, most of us get cramps and that's makes us uncomfortable and as you say unattractive. But once cramps are over, we enjoy sex just as much and yes, we ******. It all depends on our mood and on our partner. If He makes us comfortable and praises us, we bloom like a morning flower. A little TLC goes a long way.

you can’t generalize as "We" as all women are not made the same...

In my experience women are rather unattractive during their menstrual cycle ,indeed if the period is a heavy one they can be decidedly so.However I would like to know if ******* are experienced during sex at that time of the month by women?

My gf and don't intentionally do it, but don't shy away from it either. I even don't mind eating her, just try to stay high up ;)

I have done it, no big deal, just makes things a little extra messy

I've done it before, but that was years ago. It was so weird and I don't think I would do it again.