Laughter Is Good For the Soul!!!

You have to laugh, we have these emotions for a reason.  Laughter or a smile makes a difference.  If u can find a way to laugh at yourself and situations then things do not seem so bad.  Everything has its moments.  Their say people who are funny outgoing, love laughing eventually for some reason they are the ones who will suffer from anxiety/depression or both.   I can vouch for that !  Anyones can share sames......
Butterfly4 Butterfly4
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3 Responses Feb 1, 2008

i used to love to laugh and was nice to people and loving almost all the time andbut i have been suffering from a lil depression lately and havent been myself it sucks

Thank you for your comment KIK , I like your grandpa's saying. I never looked or thought of it that way. I just noticed it and discovered more & more peoples are suffering with that mental illness , and their seem to be very smart , intelectual ,comedians , actors and just general people in society.

Yes laughter is great and very healthy yet it's true what my grandpa used to said. "The most sad and unhappy people are clowns"<br />
Another way people who are making us sad are usually the ones who are the most sad with depressions. <br />
I have to agree with that one.