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A Man Walks Into A Bar....

humor is the one thing that that i take seriously-like music, books, coffee its the good stuff!you notice i didn`t say friends or good people; its unnecessary cause humor is meant to be shared;sure you can see a funny movie or read the comics alone but if you`re like me(or is it as me:its late) you want to call someone you know and tell `em about everything seems to need warning labels :just don`t try this the night you`ve got insomnia and the clock says its 2:12AM. but you knew that i bet and you might know ssomeone in asia to share with,any ways..where was i?oh, yeah humor is serious.-why else would Mark Twain say inHUCK FINN:anyone attempting to find amotive in this narrative will be prosecuted;persons attempting to find amoral will be banished;persons attempting to ffind a plot will be shot.BY ORDER OF THE AUtHOR".but pompous literary critics persist in trying.asALFRED E NEUMAN OPINED<"theres nothing funny about good humor". its true he was refering to the icecream bar,but the principle is the same,eh? although humor is very democratic its got a few prejudices(PC people skip to the next paragraph),namely it hates the high falutin` and even takes on the grim reaper in THE MARY TYLER MOORE episode,"CHUCKLES BITES THE DUST",you can look it long as i`m belaboring how serious i take it ,i gotta tell ya i don`t include mean,zinger type stuff thats just disguised anger generally to be humorous.but dark humor or sarcasm are fine;wit is priceless.well thats all i have to say,its time for a BB. and i`m getting bored with trying to explain myself and making a bad job of it to its your turn :look at the title of this story.if you saw it at all, you probably thought i was starting a joke,right?wrong.! your job is to take the best joke you know,with or without bars or walking men and put it on this site or post it tome or anyone else as long as its accessible to EP people.i PROMISE not to laugh.look,that didn`t come out right but i`ve been not myself lately and i could use a laugh-but you knew that already,i bet.,after reading this.
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 2 Responses Dec 5, 2011

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I love your sense of humor, Book! It is what drew me to a friendship with you! It seems to come to you naturally....don't ever change!

I've seen the Mary Tyler Episode, "Chuckles Bites The Dust"'s a very funny episode...<br />
Chuckles the Clown is Grand Marshall for a circus parade.<br />
He had dressed as the character Peter Peanut, and a rogue elephant tried to "shell him", causing fatal injuries.<br />
(Betty White is hilarious in this episode)