Life : Good Vibes

i never spent my day without a joke popped from my mouth! I can't help my self to be crazy for some times in a day . It is my natural way of fighting stress ,forgetting my problems & healing my wounds inside !
many would say LAUGHTER is the best medicine & i agree with this ..
here in our country ,the people never forgets to smile behind those hardships & circumstances we face everyday !! ..
jokes ,pranks & craziness is a part of our day to day living . no matter how corny it is ,or it might hurt yur feelings it is still intented to prove for once that somebody has a sense of humour & they want to imply that having it means having GOOD ViBES !!
ascelous21XXX ascelous21XXX
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 11, 2012

That sounds a nice country to live in. Being able to joke is a good skill to have.