I Was A Used Car Salesman!

Once upon a time, a long long time ago I was a car salesman. We are going back to the early 1980's, when a Chrysler Cordoba or Chevy Monte Carlo first broke the $10,000 mark, and an economy car was only $4,500. There was little profit to be made from new cars, so I stuck with the used cars on the lot.

One normal day a couple drove onto the lot, and it was my turn in the rotation. I greeted them and found out that they needed a 2nd car for the wife. Nothing fancy, just a simple car that was practical. It couldn't be too small, since the lady was rather "rotund".

We were looking at a Chevrolet Citation XL, similar to the Chevy Nova of the times. This car was a simple two door with a hatchback. Practical for shopping and scooting around. It had low mileage, was in great condition and best of all, she liked it. The husband informed me that they have been to every car dealership in the area and never found a car she liked. I knew I had a sale, at any price. We went inside to do the paperwork.

Right about the time of signing the contract the woman stood up and proclaimed "I don't want it". Nothing I could do or say would get her to explain, and her husband was even more persuasive... but to no avail. My deal, and fat commission, had fallen apart as they left the dealership.

A couple days later I called them on the phone. Partly to salvage my deal, and partly to see what went wrong. You see, in sales there is one objection that can not be overcome, and this was it. She said "I have to see XL on my underwear every day of my life, I don't want it on my car too".
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My brother married a (ok I'm gonna use it) rotund woman. I can't say anything for fear that she will start crying. She is probably bigger than rotund. Well, my brother can't even watch Tosh.O, because she doesn't like him, he picks on fat people. Well, he records them, so when I visit him and she isn't there w watch them together.

I don't know. Large maybe. Lets face it there is no good way to say she was fat.

So true.

That word rotund is worse than seeing XL on your car. But, good story.

I thought I was being polite saying rotund instead of fat. What word should I have used?


That was okay - fairly well written but not super funny. Oh well. At least you made an effort. Smooch

Hahaha wow

funny in a way but not for you at the time i guess

That's cute. lol. You should send it in to Reader's Digest. Maybe you can recoup some of the money lost.