Sassypants2 posted a question that's asked what is the last thing we did that was silly. I happened to be walking into Office Depot where I was a few weeks ago where I posted about the epic imaginary gunfight I had with a kid.

Her question inspired me. I read this post as I was just walking into Office Depot.

I decided to ask the staff for a bunch of non existent office supplies. So. I walked back to my car and created a fake list.

I spread it out over 3 clerks so it wouldn't be so obvious. Here is my list:

1: A box of right handed grid coordinates.
2: Atomless copy paper
3: A word edger
4: a gravity vector for a science project
5: A year 2006 day planner. I told them I need to back date some stuff. She looked at me like I was an alien. I kept a straight face but it was soooooooo hard!!!!
6: an highlighter with invisible yellow ink. The guy said to me "if it's invisible how do you know it's yellow. I don't think we have that kind of highlighter. I replied. "Ill know it's yellow". OMG. I have never had such a hard time keeping a straight face.
7: beer.
8: a box of those little round pieces of paper like when you use a hole punch. The clever girl said. Let's get you some paper and a hole punch. The holes unfortunately don't come prepackaged. You are awesome Office Depot Girl!!!

Thanks Sassypants2 for creating a fun day for me!!!!'
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8 Responses Jul 10, 2015

Lolololol. Priceless!!

Lmbo!! Bravo! I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces as you asked for these items.
You deserve all of this and more...
🏆🚘🏰🚢 (along with the award, it's the car, the mansion and the yacht).
Can't wait to see what the encore is.

Okay, I'm going to give that some serious thought. Lol


Having worked in D.I.Y myself. The number of clowns that came in looking for sky hooks or striped could always tell who the new kid was !!!!

Hahas! Number six is my fave. Lolol!

Lol omg
Poor worker.

My daughter said she said she has one of those highlighters. It's completely invisible. Or maybe dried up. But you would know. Lol

The holes - you need confetti. I'm not sure if they carry confetti, but that's where I'd take you.

Next time have someone film it.... Plleeaasseeeee


Hahaha!!!!! I love it! I do that kind of thing as well, but not to that extent! And I like to send people to get stuff snd add odd things to the list....