Velvet Longings

Are you out there? Are you waiting for me? Are you thinking of me while I slide this nakedness into the cool silkiness of my lonely bed? Are you longing for me as I am longing for you? Do you lust for the intensity of our passion? Do you yearn for the intimacy that only our coming together can bring? Are you staring out at this very moment into the darkened skies wondering about this woman- the girl, the submissive, the temptress, the lover that will forever hold you within her heart if not deep within her thighs?
Come closer- lay your body down, lay it closer to me in the place that is reserved only for you. Slide yourself into the hollow, into the shadow, 
into the place where my ache grows heavier every day, into the warm wet velvet that is crying out for your hot and hard perfection.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
17 Responses Jul 15, 2012

Thank you for writing this for me. <br />
<br />

I have just what you are looking for and I love your Fantasies:)

Love the style of the writing

i mmm in your honour. Beautiful writing

Amazing, I hope we can keep the emails going!

I am loving the way your write,<br />
Sensual and sexual with a touch of loving too!

Very sensual xx

I love the passion and high emotion in your posts to your man. He is indeed lucky.

Thanks y'all.

Thought provoking and erotic too!

Lasting love, lust and longing....AWESOME!! :)

Girl I only need one man drooling for me and he does it so well that he leaves me exhausted to the point that there is no way I could handle another man lol.

I missed you and of course if you want to show us then we want to see your new haircut.

we are all beautiful in our own way Mother ...

LOL is it really stealing if you ask me first? lol

Thank you fungirl for posting this I am going to be unorigional and steal it

Oh I know the answers, as do you, in your heart.

I'm asking those very same questions tonight as well fungirl, thank you for sharing this, and I hope you get your answers...btw, love that song :)