My Whletail

its not much of a story but i just loved it when i was with my wife and we were supposed to be going to a party, so while we were getting ready she said to me come on lets go to bed i said we must be going , she got all frisky and started rubbing herself against me and teasing me , she said youve got your sexy knickers on havent you, i said yes as always how can you tell, she said i can see your whaletale in the mirror as i looked i was getting the most hornyist hard on ever as she dropped my jeans and aroused me some more to the brink of exploding we jumped on the bed and we made amazing passionate love for which i will never forget, then got dressed and i had a beaming smile all night,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 Response May 23, 2012

very sexy, I love whale tails... Think it is really sexy showing off just that tiny part of the thong.