Blacks' Beach Erection

A number of yers ago, while visiting Blacks' Beach in San Diego, I start getting hard. I was laying on my back so it would be obvious to those around me. I thought about rolling over, but before I did, I noticed two women (both in bathing suits) standing between me and the water staring at my partia erection. They were both smiling and giggling, so I knew they wern't offended. Their attention caused me to become fully erect. Ever since then, I have had erections at the beach without covering or rolling over. A few guys have made rude comments but never a women. In fact more than once women have sat down near by and looked or changed their path from their towel to the water in order to walk within a few feet of me.
Hard2sea Hard2sea
51-55, M
2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Go down to the north end of blacks beach and no one will care.

Most of us bi and gay guys like to see them and you might make new friends

Happens to me too :--)