Fiesty Girl At Hotel

I was in Miami over the weekend and stayed at a beach front hotel. First thing I did when I got there was put on my speedo and headed to the pool. I scanned the pool and spotted an attractive 35ish old woman. The chair next to her was available, so I immediately headed over to her. I put my things down on the chair, and she gave me a look of interest. As I faced her. I pulled off my shirt and my shorts, revealing my speedo. She glanced down at my bulge and smiled at me. I turned and went to the pool.

While in the pool, I located the water jets so that I could get myself hard. I moved my body up against the jet, and let the water flow across my package. Within a couple of minutes, I was rock hard and sporting an erection. As I exited the water, she was staring at my dripping wet package. I got to my chair and grabbed my towel as I was facing her. She looked up and down my body, and then said hello to me. I responded back with a hi. I sat down and we began to talk. She told me she was from Ontario. After several questions, she asked me if I knew where the nude beach was. I responded yes and told her it wasn't too far down the beach. She told me that she didn't have a car, and was wondering if I wanted to take her there. I quickly responded that I would love to. She told me that she would only go with me if I also went nude. I told her of course, but I have to warn you, I get excited. She looked down at my erection and smiled, and said that she counted on that. We decided to go in an hour after we had a drink at the tiki bar.

We headed to the tiki bar and ordered a drink. As we were toasting, she says, "I'm ready to go right now to the nude beach". I smiled and said let's go. We walked to the car, jumped in and headed down the beach. Right as we got there, she says, "I can't wait to be naked in front of you and I can't wait to see you excited and naked". I smiled and got very excited.

We walked to the beach and I picked a spot near two women sitting by the water. She put her towel down and quickly pulled off her shorts and t-shirt. She had on a white bikini. Before I even started to undress, She pulled her top off and dropped her bottoms. The other two women were looking at us as she turned to me and said, "Your turn". I started pulling off my shirt and before I knew it, she said, "You're too slow, let me help". She grabbed my shorts as I unzipped them, and pulled them right down. Then she grabbed the sides of my speedos as she knelt down in front of me. She yanked my speedos down. My erection popped out of them, directly in her face. It bounced up and down a few times from the force. She looked right at it and then looked up at me and smiled. She said, "That's better isn't it?". The other women looked in disbelief as I stood there with a full on erection. And I said yes and sat down on the towel. As I laid back, she did as well. She glance at my erection and said, "I hope I can keep it that way for awhile". I again smiled and said that that would be nice. For the next hour, we laid there with her constantly rubbing her hand on my leg near my shaft and balls, keeping me hard the entire time. The other women seemed to enjoy the view. What a thrill for me. After we got too hot, we decided to head back to the hotel.

I tell what happened next in part 2.

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This is EXPERIENCE Project, not literotica fictional stories.

what happend next was miami dade officers showed up and asked them to leave or arrested them.

What a wonderful fantasy come true. Good for you!