I like tossing things up.  I will eat eggs, bacon, pop tarts, or cereal for dinner.  I may eat leftover pizza or chicken for breakfast.

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Yes!<br />
Breakfast is too much to have for breakfast!<br />
Well now that didn't make a damn bit of sense now did it?! : )


Biscuits with sausage gravy, oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Yum! We call that "Silly Supper" at my house.


Pizza cold!!!

You can cook it here, mmm, but you will have to bring some eggs. I have plenty of cheese and bacon though! What's the best kind of food to eat at 3.30 in the morning? I'm getting peckish.

MMM I am in. Whose house are we going to cook at?

Remember the night I was raiding the fridge to make bacon and eggs but didn't have bacon? LOL