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Diarrhea Grl

Strangly, i'm a girl and all and i love having diarrhea. Its weird cuz its a strange fetish, i mean how am i gonna have husband agree and not think its weird (and no one send me proposals) lol! At least once a month, i takee a few laxatives and i tend to love the experience EXCEPT for Ex-lax! Im staying away from that stuff. I know i dont have a problem with laxative abuse cuz i dont use them often. I usually give my body time to recouperate. Nor do i have laxative dependence because in between my self made diarrhea episodes, i have healthy and normal bowel movements. It also seems that there are no foods in the world that cause me to have diarrhea. There was this one time that all I ate for a whole day was hot dog buns with turkey lunch meat in between. I had nonstop greasy diarrhea all night and now my mouth finds the food so gross and deadly that it wont even swallow the toxic substance. At least my bodys smart for the typical person who hates diarrhea with a burning passion. To me, it seems like my body hates mee lol
Diarrhealuv10 Diarrhealuv10 13-15, F 28 Responses Jun 7, 2012

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Everyone has something weird about them. I have a pee fetish, and am developing a poo fetish similar to yours. I have a long standing girlfriend, that doesn't enjoy pee as I do, is nice enough to partake from time to time.
I'm sure that you'll find someone that accepts it, he may not partake with you, but he'll at least be okay with you doing it. If you'd like to talk, message me.

I remember one time i had almost all liquid diaherra and it run down my leg it felt so warm and like microwaved pudding! Haha love that but i hate the cramps besides that im perfectly okay with it

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Would love to chat with you honey

Thanks for posting, Diarrhea Girl. Reading your story makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, and tingly inside my pants. I take a laxative late in the afternoon sometimes and go to bed early well diapered. Then when it declares itself, just let it happen. Interesting when I get out of bed there's a rush of "loose pudding" and it's flooded my diapers before I know it. When I indulge in a greasy meal I take an orlistat capsule. This interferes with absorption of fat and results in what you had with the hot dogs and lunch meat. Guaranteed to make me loose with diarrhea.

Mmmm, kinda sexy. So do you just let the diarrhea happen in your panties?

I have never had Diarrhea, but Iwant it, just to know what it feels like, is it a nice feeling when water comes out your butt?

Don't worry with my weird fetishes I'll be getting married soon, and she's known them since high school

LOL! I love that you're honest.

That's awesome I would like to know more

It is the perfect excuse to poo your pants -hehehehe- and get away with it!!

I just love it when I have diarrhea and then have a good excuse for completely pooping my panties.At school it is the perfect excuse so long as you can make everyone believe that it is real and not just because you like to poop your pants.I am new here,this is my first day.

Thanks so much for posting this story I'm I guy of the same age I have seriously bad lactose intolerance but still love having the runs lol please message me

Hi diarrhealuv10 ,
Im in your age , from Germany and I have to say , that I love your Story !!
I dont like having diarrhea but I like Girls like you... <3 .
So I dont have Facebook but if you have Skype pls message me !
( romanreh19 )

Hey listen I'm building a community of people with this interest and would be honoured if u wanted to join

love to be friends

Hi Diapergirl,
Love to be friends with you also, im in facebook yahoomessenger- fb --welchs juice

Its good that you have normal bowel movements between taking laxatives, i love the prune juice a lot, did you ever try taking enemas in place of laxatives, like the 2 quart enema bag filled with warm soapy water, it fels good going in and comming out..

a glass of prune juice before eating will give you a lot of dirreah , thats what i drink in the morning..

Hi Taylor,
can you ad me, i just finished my bottle of prune juice the other day, i drink mine early in the morning before eating breakfast...

how was it did it suceed in giving you diarrhea

mmm--yes it did give me the diarrhea!!

I just got a new bottle of prune juice, 2 quarts.

mmm-- thats quite a fetish you have, i used different kinds of laxatives to see which one worked the best and fastest, citrate is a good fast one-- a glass of salt water in the morning with one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water... milk of magnesia is also good --- senna pills are good--EXLAX as you mentioned--dont use it...prune juice is excellent and isnt concidered a laxative but it works great...

hi did you get message about the prune juice

Message me :D

I am a woman, a bit older than you, and I love having diarrhea too. I love it when it comes out like warm pudding into my panties. I would love to have the courage to do this in public, on the bus or even at work. But that would be a mistake, so having and enjoying my diarrhea remains a private activity.<br />
<br />
Many women are disturbed by this kind of thing, so it's nice to know another girl likes this! May you have good diarrhea times!

Please add me aswell xx

That is so hot ;)

i drink 16-20 oz of prune juice and the same amount of water it works best on an empty tummy keep it down you will feel full but when you poop it should totally be liquid i do this a kot and its natural have fun

my next shopping trip, im getting a 2 quart bottle of prune juice....

Please add me:)

damn thats hot, id love to see you have diarrhea in some panties :)

That's a really hot fetish.

I wouldnt worry. My wife messes herself from time to time for pleasure. I clean her up. She will do diareah and likes the rush of it as it goes down her legs.<br />
<br />
It all a big turn on fr her.