Like An Animal Does

I live on a fairly large quiet, wooded piece of land away from cities and large towns. For most of the year, the weather is warm enough that I can go without clothes. I love to have my bowel movements outdoors, like an animal does.

One very favorite way to have my bowel movement outdoors is when I have diarrhea. I read somewhere that some monkeys have diarrhea when they are scared or angry.

I like to be a scared lady monkey with a big diarrhea coming on! I run away and run away and my diarrhea flows down my legs. I can't stop it from coming out. I am so frightened! I stop running for a moment and squat down to have a big soft squirt of poopoo onto the grass. I need to find a place to hide myself and finish having the rest of my lovely diarrhea!

Another favorite story of mine is when I become angry and turn into a Harpy, a warrior bird-woman from Greek mythology. Still naked, I climb up on a log in the meadow. I imagine that I dig the claws on my feet into the flesh of my captive enemy and release a river of diarrhea into his mouth. He struggles and spits but cannot get free. He must swallow all of it.
BigSoftBowels BigSoftBowels
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3 Responses Sep 4, 2012

Do you ever take a lot of laxative in order to induce diarrhea? :-)

have you ever actually had diarrhea in someone else's mout or body ?

o yes.

oh that's wonderful :) i was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of hot diarrhea from a lover, a few times.
i was so happy that she was relieving herself freely and splattering my face, mouth and body with it hmm..

No effing way, seriously? How did you get her to do it for you?

Really hot diarrhea story. You have some very kinky fantasies.