When i was in the 10th grade i secretly had a weird cruch on my teacher Mrs. HERMES she had a nice round *** pretty big but anyway one day she had instructed me to come in 5th hour to talk about my grades.. i had forgotten thst she said 5th hour so went to her room 4th hour... the lights were dark and i could see her on her desk lookingat the computer . I knocked she looked quickley as if she were up to something.. she came to the door and said what are you doing here i looked down and i saw a **** stain on her skirt.. so i asked her if she **** herself.. she said come in do i got into the classroom hit the lights and sure enough she had **** her pants.. i was shocked she told me to keep it a secret.. the next semester i got all A`s in her class haha il never forget that day
Yaboi23 Yaboi23
Jan 13, 2013