Love Me. Love You.

Ever since i knew i was a very shy person. Then I meet the Bestest friend of my life and so far or what i know of the Love of my life. She my best friend open up the real me. I became more out going, but I'm still shy. The story is though when you meet someone you can relate to you can explore more adveentures and have Fun. For once in my life I did get in a fight with my friend, but we learn to laugh at it the end. Since it was folish to get mad at one and another. We all love eachother Very much, And I hope I can Love you all To.

*Hugz And Kisses!*   <3


Love Live And LearnPeople

Life is not easy

It isn't an easier without you

I'm glade you stay along

So for that i thank you

May Love sweep you away

And may as we have it you have a happy life

Make your dreams come true

Be yourelf

And maybe stay Along

Love you!


telulah telulah
13-15, F
Mar 10, 2010