I'm a Fan...

...of long legs in general.

And of course, I like my own, though I haven't always. It used to be very difficult to find pants that fit properly and I was always taller than most kids my age...though now I'm roughly 5'7" (67") tall, with a 33" inseam - making my legs nearly half of my height.
I've been underweight (100-120 pounds) off and on for a few years thanks to an overactive metabolism, but when I can keep my weight at a stable 120+ pounds and keep up my habit of long walks/swimming, my legs don't look too thin and my clothes don't fall off.

I love wearing vertical stripes, heels, stockings, short skirts, and anything else that accentuates my legs.
For a while I was told never to wear heels because I was tall and didn't need them - firstly I don't consider myself tall, but more importantly it's not about "being taller" it's about how they make me look/feel.

It makes me happy that so many people are comfortable with themselves, however they look.

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Wow, 66 inches of inseam (combined), sounds like the definition of heaven. Keep accentuating those long legs, trust me, we guys won't complain. They only people who will tell you not to are other women I'm guessing...

I'm 6'2 with a 35-36 inseam... I'm the true definition of a tall girl with long legs.

Got to love a woman with a nice set of legs and if heels are part of it even better.

Long legs are the best!! I as well used to be told not to wear heels--I love wearing them--I'm 5'8" so I throw on a pair of 3 inches heels and I'm up there--like you I don't consider myself tall. And big picture--I'm the short one of my family--granted there all men but I'm the shortest--tallest is 6'6"

I don't know if my legs are long or not. They reach all the way from my butt down to my feet. Is that long? I am confused.