My First Experience Of *******

It was in a brothel in Melbourne.

I had paid for my first experience of having anal sex with a woman (or anyone for that matter!).

She was slightly older woman who specialised in anal, and as it turned out really enjoyed it.

I showered first, and laid down naked on the bed as she gently and delightfully massaged my body. Her hands were soft and sensual, and she gradually worked her way down to my **** which was now standing upright. As I lay on my back, she kneeled on the floor and started to stroke my hard ****, smiling and purring as she did.

I was enjoying the sensations, and nervously thinking about how it would feel to slide my **** into her tight arsehole.

She got me to move down to the edge of the bed, as she started to suck firmly on my ****. Her mouth was hot and wet, and she alternated between stroking me and sucking me. She was moaning softly as she devoured me.

She pushed my legs up, then without warning, she started to lick my arsehole! This, I was not expecting, but it sent shivers through my entire body. She gently teased my tight bud with the tip of her tongue, alternating with long slow wet strokes of the flat of her tongue, all the time squeezing my **** with her firm grip and stroking me up and down.

This was not something I had ever even imagined, but the sensation was like nothing I had felt before. I felt so vulnerable, yet my nerve endings were firing waves of pleasure through my body. It was wet and sensual and the most arousing experience of my life. She kept this up for 10 minutes as I moaned how much I was enjoying this. She maintained a firm stroking grip on my **** as she continued to play and caress and penetrate my arse with her tongue.

She stopped, looked up into my eyes, and siad "Do you want to **** me in the arse?" I moaned a "yes" and she jumped onto the bed on all fours and positioned me behind her. She reached back and grabbed my ****, and somehow slipped it straight into her. I thought I must have entered her vagina as I slipped straight in so easily. I started to pump my **** slowly into her, then pulled back sligghtly and seperated her buttock cheeks. Sure enough, my **** was buried beep in her arse, and it felt like heaven. I still couldn't believe I was doing this, and on my request, she looked back at me with a smile and said "You're ******* my arse. You have your **** deep in my arse and ******* my arse nice and deep"

The rest was a blur, but I didn't last long and my **** twitched and spurted as I pushed my **** deep within her.

After collapsing and cuddling for a few minutes, I got into the shower, and had a quick rinse as she put her bra and panties back on.  As I stepped out she brushed past me, kissed me, and softly stroked my ****. It instantly jumped to attention. I said " Now look what you've done to me" with a smile as she sat down on the bed. " mmmm I hoped I'd have that effect"

I continued to try and dry myself,  but my **** was twitching and I started to stroke myself. "Do you want to *** again?" she said  'We've got time".

I stood in front of her, the thought of her licking my arse still spinning around my head, and started to seriously pump and stroke my ****. She spread her legs and I gruffly instructed her "Take your pants off"

She wipped off her knickers, sat back and spread her **** lips wide. Her eyes were transfixed on my ****, as she rubbed and spread her *****, ************ as she watched me jerk off to the sight of her wet open hairy *****.

After a short while, I muttered that I was going to come. She said " No, not yet......I want you to **** my ****" With that she removed her bra, and brought me close to her. She placed my hard **** between her breasts, and squeezed them togther with both hands. She obviously had a thing for this and started talking filthy to me " mmmmm yes **** my ****, **** them hard. I want your ***. I want you to spray your *** on my face and my neck and my ****. It didn't take long for me to give her want she wanted" She was breathing heavily and moaned as the warm wet sticky white *** spewed all over her neck and face. I stepped back exhausted and spent as she played with the mess of *** and sucked it off her fingers.

This is an experience etched in my mind. Particularly as she obviously got into what she was doing with me. She loved licking my arse and seeing the amazing effect she had on me. For her, the anal ******* was neither here nor there, but she obviously had a thing for Spanish, and was hungry for me to spray *** on her throat and chest.

Since then, I have found many women really enjoy having their arses tongued and caressed. Once they are comfortable that I am not trying to penetrate them with my **** , they relax and and enjoy the experience. For many it is a mixed sense that this is not something that is"right" but the sensations are unbelievable.

I have had my arse rimmed by a number of professional women since, but it is not something that is easy to broach with casual lovers.

To all men and women, I say relax and try it. It is not something you may of thought of doing, but the sensations are incredible, and you'll fall in love with it

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10 Responses Nov 5, 2009

I will lick your arsehole if u will lick mine I love it I also love the feel of a rock hard **** entering my tight *******

mmmm Love the thought of 69'n you, our stiff wet tongues exploring each others tight little rose buds, I'd lick you and penetrate you until your arse relaxed, ready to feel my throbbing **** slowly stretch you open and take you deeply. xxxx

Am yet to experience this... But am sure it must have been great.

YES indeed

Have to agree with 100% the never endings around and in my arse are amazing. Very hot story

It all comes to a sexual relationship that is open to expirementation. I love to give and recieve.

That was an incredibly sexy account!! I love to do it if the guy really gets into it like you do. I really love to pleasure a guy.

That was one very HOT story!!!<br />
<br />
Ive actually done it to a couple of sexual partners now... i LOVE doing it to ones that arent usually into it and as im sucking their **** i make my way down to their balls and start tonguing their *** and they really enjoy it while im still stroking them so they dont feel too intimidated by what they're actually enjoying!!<br />
Billi.... My suggestion is to bring it up with casual lovers too... especially if they're just 'casual'... what have you got to lose??

I'm always in favor of taking a few minutes to enjoy this pleasure. It took my wife a long time to accept it, but now... :)

Thanks fuckstrated. If I didn't live on the other side of the world, I'd love to do it to you

wow i am actually impressed and extremely hot to know that u've tried it its the most intense sensation someone could have and take great pleasure of doing...i hope you won't stop there...kisses