Almost A Fetish!

I love having my back scratched. I could literally just lay there for hours, having it scratched. It almost turns me on in a way. I don't know why! For me, it feels comforting, and sensual at the same time. I would joke with my husband that perhaps I was a cat in my past life. Some days, I'd rather have my back scratched than have sex. LOL
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2011

I'd scratch your back for hours

i love it too very much. idk why i feel it "extra". i think my nerves in my back are extra sensitive to touch period. but when i feel a girls long nails start to scratch into me, i just melt. my fave is to be scratched through my shirt. i like to feel her claw and dig through to get to me!

Lucky guy. I'd rather scratch/rub/kiss a woman's back than have full on sex with her. It is a full on fetish for me!